LEGACY EXPERIENCE 2020 | 1.6.-27.11.2020

Legacy Experience trains pioneers for the new generation.

Our dream is to see bold pioneers launching new movements and changing the world.

Do you need practical, tested tools to fulfil your dreams and visions?

Legacy Experience is a 6-month training experience immersed in inspirational community. Join us for a season of learning and doing.

Spiritual Growth

Legacy Experience takes you deep into the Bible and personal relationship with God through teaching, team learning and personal assignments.

Personal mastery

Legacy Experience challenges you to pursue personal mastery and trains you to create environments where others flourish.


Legacy Experience gives you practical tools for catalysing movements, creating innovations and leading teams.


Legacy Experience invites you to a community centered around the presence of God and simple obedience to Him.


Training Module

Outreach Module



Legacy Hub - Teopolis, Tampere


Training Module:
2500 €

Outreach Module:
TBA (varies by location)


We are receiving applications now.

The concept

Training takes place in a 24/7 learning environment. Methods of learning include personal mentoring, team coaching and experience-based training. Visiting trainers will share with us both their life experience and expertise in their field.

During training you will be immersed in the lifestyle of Jesus in every area of life and you will experience community centered around the presence of God.

We believe in learning by doing. You will put your skills to practice with real projects in Legacy Tribe teams.

Legacy Experience connects you to a global movement. Training is followed by Outreach Module, where you will continue to learn and work in our global network.

The vision

Our mission is to mobilise a new generation to fulfil the Great Commission.

We believe we will see thousands of young people marked by simple obedience to Jesus.

They say: “God, I will go wherever you send me!”

New Wave of Missions

We believe the next new wave of missions will be a fusion of traditional missions, business-as-missions and new innovations.

We need faith-filled radicals, global professionals, church planters, Bible translators, personal trainers, media experts, programmers, entrepreneurs and ambassadors of digital revolution to fulfil our God-given mission.

Missional shift

We believe there is a need for a shift in the way we think about missions. Everyone has a mission. Every environment is a mission field.

Our call to this generation of believers is to become missionaries wherever they are.

Our dream is to see a tribe of missionaries launched into their cities, communities and workplaces.


Usein kysytyt kysymykset

Suomessa on paljon laadukkaita raamattukouluja, jotka tarjoavat mahdollisuuden syventyä Raamatun tutkimiseen.

Legacy Experience on niille, jotka haluavat olla käynnistämässä uusia liikehdintöjä.

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